Residential Care


Residential Care

While certain residential care homes may address some nursing requirements through specialized care facilities or visiting healthcare professionals, their primary focus is on older adults who require assistance with personal care, medication management, and mobility. Residents in these homes may have physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health issues, or care needs associated with old age, yet they do not require frequent medical treatment.

The staff in residential care settings undergo training to provide daily care and support, including medication administration, but they may not hold qualifications for providing medical care. In addition to offering necessary care, these settings also promote social and physical activities, host events, and organize outings, fostering a holistic approach to well-being for the residents. True Homecare extends a similar dedication to personalized care, emphasizing not just medical needs but also the overall social and physical enrichment of individuals in the comfort of their homes.

Home Care Challenges and Solutions

Tailored to support various care settings, including homes, hospitals, villages, and residential environments, True Homecare offers optimized and streamlined care services. Our comprehensive approach spans wellness, preferred assistance, activities, acute care, clinical support, allied services, disability care, dementia care, and various other non-medical services.


Anticipate potential challenges and acknowledge responsibility for any ensuing difficulties.

  • Timely Identification of Health Condition
  • Costs and Transparency Concerns
  • Insufficient Focus on Preventive Care


Express discontent for those demoralized by the allure of pleasure.

  • Holistic Approach to Individual Health
  • Healthcare Policy Advocacy
  • Enhanced Accessibility to Care